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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 18, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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all you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. here we go. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin, thank you for being with me. a breaking development out of boston, massachusetts. the news with regard to this little girl who has been referred to baby doe. the body was found three months ago washing ashore in the boston area. we're awaiting a news conference to come out of boston within the next little bit. so stay tuned for that.
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>> come on, let's go look. come on, let's go. >> just adorable. this facebook video of such a happy time now is linked to tragedy. the beautiful little toddler here in pink is baby doe. her real name is bella bond. her mother is now under arrest alistening with her boyfriend. you can see bella's face resembles that sketch that rendering of baby doe. this image was created by an expert based upon what was left of her toddler-sized body. more than 50 million people have seen this photo wanting to know baby doe's name, what happened to her and e we may know those details shortly. that news conference expected any minute now out of the boston area. let me go straight to poppy harlow, who is sitting next to me who has been working this. they have confirmed not just questioning now, arresting the mother and the boyfriend.
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>> so here's what happened. this is all unfolding in president last 24 hours. what we know is a tipster called into the homicide unit yesterday. gave them a tip credible enough to kbo to the neighborhood of boston and search something. i don't know if it was a house or apartment, but it's led to where we are today. that's the arrest of michael mcar thi, the boyfriend of the mother of bella bond, that beautiful girl you see who has captured the nation's attention. he's a boyfriend who is being questi questioned right now. no formal charges yesterday. those are to come. the mother, rachel bond, this video off the mother's facebook page. important to note the boyfriend no biological connection. so many questions leading up to this. they found pollen on her body in that bag. and that told them she probably wasn't in the water. that someone discarded her like a a piece of trash on the side of deer island. that pollen, they were able to
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tra trace back to trees and shrubs from new england. this is all finally coming together. >> i'm getting some information in my ear. we're going to go to the news conference in boston. did it just end? we missed it. we're going to turn it around for you. i was reading a cup can l older "boston globe" articles. larry is with us as well, cnn contributor forensic scientist. this is fascinating with regard to the pollen. they were saying she was dusted when they found this little body, dusted with traces of cedar of lebanon, which are often planted in the suburbs. the soot mixed in with the pollen told investigators her surroundings were near boston and included a local girl. >> what they needed was that tip. they knew it was a local girl. they knew she was probably not from way off somewhere. probably near this city or right in the perimeter of it. the interesting thing is over these past three months since her body was found on june 25th,
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they had hundreds of hundreds of tips from 30 states from four countries. so what was it about this tip, what was it about this tip that they were so credible. >> we have an attorney here with us as well. what is it about the tip? they looked at pollen and dental sealant and the blanket and clothing. it was a tip apparently that led them to these arrests. >> it's really always a convergence of you have the forensics. we have had a few cases solved by pollen and other materials. many this particular case, they didn't have any definitive dna that brought it together. when you have someone who says you have to ask yourself, where was this little girl that nobody missed her? where was she? did she have grandparents, a daycare center, neighbors who realized she hadn't seen her for months. when the tip match where is they think the pollen is located,
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what would watch with the soot evidence, everything comes together and they think we have made a positive i.d. then they can zero in and question the mother and her boyfriend and then they know the right people to fill in the the gaps. we still don't know what happened to her, but at least they know who she is. >> so larry, this is your realm of expertise. it's the forensics. we have been talking about the pollen, but even the tooth, the hair, taking the oxygen and the isotopes, figures out what kind of drinking water in the boston area. looking at all of this all painting this it mosaic to try to figure out who this little girl is. >> you're looking at state of the art science. that medology is cutting edge. . and all of this comes together to determine the area where that child has been in recent time. the kind of plant produces poll than appears differently under
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the microscope. if you look at a collection of pollen taken from the bag and the clothing and blanket, you get a rough idea of the types of botanicals that produced that pollen. putting all of this together and the soot that was also found on the blanket, it's pretty clear that she came from the area around boston in an urban type area, but there are limitations to how far you can get with pollen and analysis of hair and tooelt. they certainly did an autopsy on the remains. she was partially decomposed. >> but there were no signs of injury? >> so let me just jump in here. what we know from our reporting is that the medical examiner did an autopsy when the body was found. but we don't know if they have
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done a more recent one. but what they said is no obvious signs of violent trauma. that's a quote from the d.a. poisoning has not been verified. no obvious signs of violent trauma. >> larry, continue. >> there could be other explanations. without the soft tissue, it's difficult to say what happened to her. but it all comes together with dna. now that they have her mother, but not the biological father, they can verify that the i.d. is correct. i'm sure that since can go further, but a tip like what happened, that broke the case. >> we're trying to get more information about the tip. there are a number of cases in
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which children are killed and my question would be in cases you have worked with, how often is it that the mother, the biological mother plays a role in that death? >> i'm not going to give you specific statistics, but i can tell you the most damning evidence is that the mother never reported this child missing. the whole world, over 5 million shares of that sketch of the child, no one ever came forward, which means that we're probably going to conclude that the mother either was responsible for that child's death or knew who was, probably the boyfriend. get ready for them to come forward and say she died accidentally, it was carbon monoxide poisoning, she accidentally choked on something. something that forensics is inconclusive about. they panicked, threw the body away but didn't kill her. that's my worst fear. we have to actually look very carefully at this family and what was going on, whether or not there was signs of abuse or
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neglect in the past and why didn't anyone know she was missing. to me, that's the biggest pointer that the death wasn't natural. >> thank you so much. we thought it was a false alarm off the top. the police in boston have yet to give that news conference. e we should get new information on that. we'll have another discussion as soon as we get the details out of the boston area. stay tuned for that. come lg up next, let's talk politics. donald trump in a bit of trouble today for not what he said, what he did not say. who he did not correct. the white house, moments ago, responded to that cringe worthy b comment made at this rally last night. a a supporter calling president obama a muslim. the front runner under scrutiny. we'll talk to a reporter. also will bowe bergdahl be
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charged with desertion. that question unfolding right now. the prosecution outlining evidence that bergdahl spent weeks planning to abandon his post in afghanistan. and pope francis e preparing for his historic trip to cuba and then coming to the united states. we'll look at the tremendous security effort already underway. you're watching cnn, we'll be right back. we have three chevy's here. alright. i want you to place this award on the podium next to the vehicle that you think was ranked highest in initial quality by j.d. power. hmm. can i look around at them? sure. umm. highest ranking in initial quality. it's gotta be this one. this is it. you are wrong. really? actually it's all three. you tricked me. j.d. power ranked the malibu, silverado half-ton and equinox
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. the white house reacting to controversial silence after a town hall in new hampshire. >> problem in this country is called muslims. our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. but we have training camps
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brewing where they want to kill us. when can e we get rid of them? >> we're going to be looking at a lot of different things. people are saying that bad things are happening out there. we're looking at that and plenty of other things. >> the white house reaction. here's josh ernest. >> my first observation is anybody surprised that this happened at a donald trump rally? i don't think anybody that's been paying attention to republican politics is at all surprised. >> not everyone at ta event last night in h1n1 appreciated his silence there or lack of correction. look at the reaction some cringing from people behind him. just a reminder questioning the president's background. he was one of the most prominent birthers back in 2011 challenging whether the president was born in the united
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states. >> very simple. i have people looking into it. i'm start ing ing to think he wt born here. there's a lot of people who question it. i certainly question it. i have seen fraud and i have seen scandal and things that a lot of people don't see. >> many people do not think it was authentic. his mother was not in the hospital. >> there's something on this birth certificate he doesn't like. >> perhaps he was born in this country. i don't make up anything. let me tell you something. i have done a great service to the american people. >> joining me man is the co-chairman for the trump campaign. also with me is cnn's jeremy diamond who covered that event for us in south carolina. so gentlemen, welcome to both of you. you actually talked to trump after that town hall. really the question is, i know that donald trump camp has said he didn't fully hear the question. he's taking heat because he
11:17 am
didn't correct the questioner who stated that the president is muslim. e we know this is red meat for this crowd. we know that the president of the united states is american, is christian and now the new development is that trump has pulled out of this event tonight in south carolina. is this a sign that your candidate is backing down? >> i don't think for a minute trump is backing down. i was in the room last night. the room was fully backed with probably over 1,000 people. it was very hot. it was very loud. it was an early question. i don't believe mr. trump fully understood the question, as it began, and i think that the -- >> why did he say we need this question when the man asked it? >> i frankly think he was doing it in just and we need this question at this point, aren't there more important things? if you go back to the cnn debate a few nights ago, a lot of the questions surrounding mr. trump and not about substance and i think mr. trump is looking for
11:18 am
questions of substance from the audience. that certainly wasn't a question of substance. >> i was at the debate and there was a number of substantiative questions. let me come back to you. jeremy, you were there as well. explain to us what has the trump camp explained as far as canceling this event tonight. i can't recall the last time donald trump said no to standing in front of a camera. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, brooke. the trump campaign basically said they had a last-minute business transaction they need to finalize. they said they will announce next week. that's how they are explaining their last-minute cancellation to this event. but what's interesting about last night is donald trump, he has to choose a path. is he going to back those
11:19 am
comments up that he made about muslims, about obama or rather what he didn't say, or is he going to try to not just play to his base and perhaps think about the general election. think about that audience, which is definitely a different voting bloc. >> let me ask you about that path. as i do so, i want to give two examples both from republicans who have been asked about president obama that they trust him. you had senator mccain who questioned obama back in the 2008 campaign. here's how mccain handled it it. >> i can't trust obama. i have read about him and he's not -- he's an arab. >> no, ma'am, he's a decent family man, citizen that i just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues. >> so that was senator mccain.
11:20 am
then one more. this is chris christie today. >> if somebody at one of my town hall meetings said something like that, i would correct them and say the president is a christian and born in had this country. those two things are self-evident. >> let's give donald trump the benefit of the doubt. maybe e he didn't fully hear the entire question, but now he's heard it in the wake of what he didn't say. what path should he choose? should he come out and say i apologize, of course, the president is a christian, is an american or should he continue to play with the red meat to the base? >> i frankly think that mr. trump doesn't need to apologize. i think he came back out in 2011 and said that he believed that president obama is a christian and i don't think this is about president obama or about muslims. this is about islamic terrorists
11:21 am
who are trying to kill us, and i think donald trump's final part of his answer is it's something to look into. there's plenty of reporting out there that there might be isis terrorist camps in the united states. and i think that is certainly something worth looking into. i don't think we should relitigate if president obama is a christian or muslim. >> i think it's just a point made sometimes news can be made in the silence. and you're correct to point out the latter part of the question was about training camps, which is a valid question, but the fact that mr. trump did not correct the man, to your point, that he did say, yes, the president is a christian back in 2011. why not now and just stop all of this? >> i think mr. trump will respond to those questions in the upcoming days in a very
11:22 am
clear and concise manner. i think he will be a president for all americans, including muslims, catholics, jews and everyone else. and i believe fully that these kinds of questions really are not serving any great purpose. unfortunately, you get a person who, in my opinion, was out of sorts last night in asking a crazy question, making outlandish comments and it came out of nowhere. and mr. trump could hardly hear the question in the fer ver of the room, and i think he might have handled it a a bit. differently if he heard the question. but i don't believe he did. i saw it firsthand. >> okay, thank you. finally to you, jeremy. we heard the white house reaction quickly. how are the democrats reacting to this? >> reporter: democrats are definitely seizing on this one. the dnc chairwoman sent out a statement last night moments after donald trump made tease
11:23 am
comments. you have bernie sanders who treated trump must apologize to the president and the american people for continuing the lie that the president is not an american and not a christian. hillary clinton also addressed the comments today during a press conference and calling on trump to apologize. and what the democrats are going to try to do is tie this to the rest of the republican field. will the rest of the republican field come out and denounce these comments? that's what we'll see in the coming days. >> we'll watch for them in the coming days. thank you both so much. and speaking of democrats, mark your calendars. in three weeks cnn and facebook will be hosting the first democratic debate tuesday, october 13th in las vegas. and in case you missed the big debate in california among all these republicans this past week or would like to watch it again, we will be reairing that
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presidential debate at 10:00 eastern this evening here on cnn. coming up next, we are learning bowe bergdahl will not testify on his own behalf at a preliminary hearing about whether he deserted his platoon in afghanistan. what the prosecution is now saying about items he sent home that they say show he he planned for weeks to abandon his post. we'll be right back. i was out for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack.
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bottom of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. accused deserter bowe bergdahl will not testify in his own behalf at least for now. a long awaited hearing is underway to decide whether he will be tried in a military court. prosecutors argue bowe bergdahl deserted his unit in afghanistan back in 2009. you know the story. he was captured by the taliban and held and toptured for five years. flash forward, president obama freed five guantanamo prisoners,
11:29 am
members of the same terror group, in exchange for bowe bergdahl. if e he is court-martialed and found guilty of desertion, he faces life in prison. that could also spell trouble for the white house, which have stood by that prisoner swap and the bergdahl family. today the court heard testimony from the general leading the investigation into bergdahl's actions and he said bergdahl told him he left his post so a recovery mission would expose the platoon's poor leadership. he also said there was no evidence bergdahl was sympathetic to the taliban. his defense team argues he suffered from a severe mental e defect at the time he fled. let's talk about this with a psychologist who often deals with military stress and combat. . welcome back, thank you for joining me. also i should point out author of "cracking the stress code." he was discharged from the coast guard for psychological reasons. he was admitted to the army at a time where it waived
11:30 am
psychological testing. what could when e we hear from them potentially severe mental defect that he suffered from, what could that be that could lead someone to up and leave a post? >> a couple things. we have talked about this off and on for over a year. it's one of those things if our medical records can't follow us to help what's happening so when the coast guard somehow did not get the release of those records to the army, they brought him in, they didn't have a full capture picture of who he was. you have one issue with if there's a mental health issue it needs to follow us to protect not only himself, but others around him and secondly, obviously the administration went out to rescue him and will be left to be seen how that will work out for the administration because he's a deserter. it looks like more and more we talked about over a year ago maybe he is, maybe he's not, but it looks like now he deserted and put everybody at risk in his
11:31 am
platoon. >> how much looking ahead if there is a trial to invoke the insanity defense in military court, how challenging is that? >> i think it's going to be challenging. i think there's enough proof that's going to continue to come out with everyone in his platoon that kept saying this guy deserted. he left, we couldn't find him. we spent a lot of time, effort and energy. there could have been more lost lives because they were looking for this guy that just defected. and for him to be captured, if he was captured in this day in age with isis, he would have been beheaded already. we live in a little different world than years ago. so he was fortunate enough to live, but unfortunately, we released five taliban leaders to get him back and it just continues the saga of what are we doing in response to people that are captured and how do we do the right thing as a country.
11:32 am
>> the white house stands by that prisoner swap. hearing from these members of the platoon, we'll be talking to one next hour who is still frustrated. terry lyles, thank you. coming. up next, carly fiorina may have hit a home run this week at the reagan presidential library, but her former employees, some of them are not at all happy with her. >> i invested in my stock. i worked with the company for 37 years. forced to retire. >> and headed up by who? >> carly fiorina. >> that was before hewitt packard. >> so that voice, that woman there who is speaking out at that dlt dth event last night in new hampshire tells the story about how her life drastically changed for the worse once carly fiorina took over a division at this technology company. we'll have her on to tell her side of the story, next here on
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donald trump getting a little backup during a town hall in new hampshire. a an audience member who worked for carly fiorina blasted her former boss. listen to that exchange. >> i invested in. my stock. i worked for the company for 37 years. i was forced to retire. >> that was headed up by who? >> carly fiorina. >> that was before hewlett-packard. >> i was buying stock to put into my retirement at $87 a share.
11:38 am
when i was forced to retire almost 16 years ago, my stock wasn't worth 25 cents. i lost almost half a million dollars. that's what i planned on retiring and i got nothing. >> the carly fiorina thing -- >> you heard her voice. here she is, former employee halana so renson. wonderful having both of you. this is politics. just the timing of all of this. they were sparring just 24 hours prior to this town hall in new hampshire. i do have to ask. were you asked to be there or did you go because our a trump supporter and went on your own? >> i'm a trump supporter, and i
11:39 am
did go on my own. i had seen him once before at another rally that they had in hampton. i thought he was excellent. my husband missed that one and he wanted to go. we had the opportunity to drive up there to rochester to e see him. >> so you went. by the way, this didn't only affect you. this a affected your husband. take me back. tell me what happened when carly fiorina became president of your company. >> when she became president, many things changed in the company. everyone was worried because she had the reputation of cutting back employees and cutting back positions. and that started. with her there, my husband and i after she had had left, we were holding on to our jobs and then our jobs were terminated. we were forced to retire. he was forced to retire in 2001. i was force retired in 2003. >> and how much did you lose? what did you lose from that
11:40 am
forced retirement? >> when we were force retired, my savings that i had in stock because i had a lot of stock options when i was working was close to $500,000. he had approximately $400,000, which was also lost. >> and so you squarely lay the blame of that loss and that forced retirement on the shoulders of carly fiorina. is that correct? >> carly fiorina had also saud when she was the president she could work that company with one computer. she didn't need the staff that we had. she cut back and cut back and jobs were terminated. >> stay with me. i want to bring in paul because, listen, your heart goes out to someone who loses all of that with her husband at the same company.
11:41 am
you say trump says the company was a disaster. it was a disaster? what happened? >> this was a disaster. trump is telling the truth about that. but it was not the only company of that era and carly was not the only person in charge. she was the president. there was a ceo above her, but it's an iconic company that was part of at&t. they ran into trouble. they got greedy during the tech boom in the late '90s. they did this dumb thing of starting to lend money to start ups to buy their equipment. it was called vender financing. a huge disaster for the entire industry because it was a stupid idea to lend money to start up companies that would never be automobile to pay them back. it was incompetence and greed. she definitely deserved some of the blame for that, but she was gone by the time they completely imploded. now it's part of a french company. they are getting bought by another company nokia. they still survive, but sort of
11:42 am
barely. >> we heard the night before donald trump winning out. even to this day positions being cut at hewlett-packard where she went on to o be the ceo and she apparently could run the job with just one computer and didn't need all these people. is that a fair assessment of her reputation? >> a lot of people in the world of finance, the knock on carly at hp is she rose to the ranks so rapidly, cover of magazines as the most powerful woman, it got to her head in that she became the epitome of a a celebrity ceo because that's what trump was. she was the celebrity ceo that might be interested in self-promotion, so i can understand, my heart goes out to those workers who aren't happy with the claims she's making about her business record. >> let me end this with the man you do support. you said this was trip number two to see donald trump in
11:43 am
person speaking. he has resinated tremendously with so many people. i know you said he walks the talk, he's the successful billionaire, but he's also calling some people idiots and losers. i have to ask you. when you close your eyes and picture the commander-in-chief of our country, why do you picture donald trump? >> i still picture him as a gentleman. some of those areas have been softened some since he's been running. i still think he would be an excellent president, in my opinion. he does walk the talk when he makes a commitment to people he follows through. >> thank you so much for joining me. appreciate it. next, this texas high school student arrested for bring iing home made clock to school. his teacher thought it was a bomb. he's been contacted by everyone from facebook to twitter to the white house. but it's his next move that's makes headlines. t today. that's next.
11:44 am
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we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. he has an invitation to the white house. . the muslim teen whose suspected o of a fake bomb no longer feels welcome at his school. his father will not return to mcarthur high school in irving texas. the officer's arrested him on suspicion of a hoax bomb. that charge was dropped but not before officers questioned him for more than an hour without his parents present.
11:49 am
>> she thought it was a a threat to her. so it was really sad that she took the wrong impression of it and i got arrested later that day. >>. they don't evacuate the building. what happened to my son is something that doesn't look like america. >> since his arrest, the president has invited him to the white house. and m.i.t., his dream school, has asked him to visit. let's go to cnn's vick louisiva. but the police chief is defending their actions. >> based on the limited knowledge they had that it was justified. we also attempted to reach out to the high school several times. so far, we have not gotten a response. they would not be commenting based on privacy reasons.
11:50 am
it's just this police chief that's commenting. he was on our new day program early this morning to offer his explanation of what happened. >> there were factors and details to this that for whatever reason weren't shared at the time the officers were there initially. as we pursued this investigation further, as you know, we didn't file any charges on him. we dropped those charges because we were able to find out those facts that you're talking about. he did talk to people earlier and presented it as you just described. so those were the kinds of things once we're able to get that information that allowed us to get to the point where we could settle the matter. >> adding insult to injuries, he was suspended even after the police determined this device was not a hoax bomb be an alarm clock he invented. this all happened on monday. by wednesday an outpouring of
11:51 am
support. you have internship offers from facebook and twitter. >> is he going to the white house? >> he's going to the white house as well. he has a trip planned for later next month in the middle of october. we expect him to make his visit there to visit the president. >> there you go, thank you. coming up next, we have more details today in this incredibly tragic case in the boston area of baby doe. this little girl whose body was found along the boston harbor three months ago. she's been identified and there's already not just one but two arrests in this case. a live report from there coming up. i brto get us moving.tein i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. heart health's important... you may... take an omega-3 supplement...
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11:56 am
millions of others are anticipating in the united states pope francis's arrival, the pope is due to land tomorrow in cuba. this is the first leg of the nine-day tour of the caribbean island and then on to three u.s. cities. he arrives in washington, d.c. tuesday where he's due to address a joint session of congress. this morning the pope tweeted i asked you to join me in praying for my trip to cuba. i need your prayers. he tweets this as the secretary of homeland security evaluates security on the ground in philadelphia. jay johnson is there today and security experts warn it makes for an attractive terror target. joining me is michael balboni who oversaw the security in 2002 when pope benedict was here. you know the complexities of this especially with this pope who likes to get out and about and shake hands. how do you protect him? >> the benefit we had in 2008
11:57 am
that we'll have here again is the new york city police department is one of the most sophisticated and experienced in the nation. you say the same thing for washington, d.c. as well. >> you're worried about philly. >> hopefully philly will put all their resources there, but i don't think they have the experience of dealing with these types of numbers. not that i know of. here in new york we had the ability to work seamlessly with the secret service, fbi, nypd. and you saw this great coordination where they looked at threats and looked at the parade routes and what were people going to be able to get next to him. >> but look at him in this crowd. this was just of two years ago when he was in rio in the middle of the throngs of people who all just want to reach out and touch him. it has to be impossible to know who is in the crowds, who wants to jump in, how do you safeguard him? >> it's all layers of protection. you're trying to do a 360-arc of
11:58 am
protection. this is a concentration of risk we haven't seen in a a long time. 170 world leaders and the pope and president, everybody, what you try to do is use multiple factors. intelligence-led model of security, which means you have to have information back and forth all the time. that means social media monitoring, looking into the crowd, getting people on camera, trying to follow facial recognition and identify who might be somebody who might be do something bad. there will be thousands of undercover officers. >> what's the biggest difference from all kinds of world leaders in new york. the president has obviously popped through a number of times. what makes the pope different? >> you have isis having said a couple months ago in their magazine that they want to raise the isis flag over the vatican. so you have that direct connection in addition, which there's the jubilee for the church coming up in a a couple
11:59 am
months. so you have some focus on what the churches and isis threat. but this is still their major target. and so there's a an opportunity to perhaps strike a blow against christianity and strike a blow against their hated enemy in the united states. >> i hope it goes smoothly for everyone involved. thank you so much. come back next week as the pope is in washington, philadelphia and here in new york city. thank you so much, i appreciate your time. we continue on. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. major developments in the girl's body who was found in boston three months ago. >>. come on, let's go. let's go look. come on, let's go. >> this facebook video of such a happy time is now linked to this tragedy. this beautiful toddler is baby doe. we now have her name.
12:00 pm
bella bond. her mother and boyfriend are under arrest. we saw the facial rendering that was shared among millions of people. here it is. really resembles a phenomenal job of bella. this image was created by an expert based on what was left of her small body. her mother lived near her for two years just spoke with us. >> she didn't want anybody taking her away from her. she was trying her best to be the best parent she can be. it's kind of strange she would let all that happen.
12:01 pm
>> let me bring in alexander field on the phone from boston. i was having a tough time hearing the neighbor. what was the neighbor saying and a what more do we know about the mother and boyfriend? >> a lot of people are touched by the fact that this is the young girl who was discovered. nobody knew who this girl was. police were asking for information. somebody obviously knows this child is missing. somebody needs to come forward. they got people from 30 states calling in tips, people from four countries phone d in tips, but it took three months before a tip yesterday that broke this case wide open. police received that tip yesterday afternoon. they then executed a search warrant at a house in part of boston. that search led them to make two arrests. rachel bond, this toddler's mother, and rachel's boyfriend. both were taken into police c t
12:02 pm
custody. they were picked up in separate locations. mcar thi is in police custody and the mother is with police in another location. it was picked up by stations across the country. it was shared on the internet even more than 50 million times. you have this rendering of a child but no details on who the child was. this was a tiny body that was discovered. it had been thrown out in the trash bag left on deer island, which is a little strip of land east of the airport. police did a lot of forensic work to come up with some kind of way to identify this child over the last few months. there have been clues. they found pollen and determine ed that pollen had had come from a tree in the northeast. a a tree used to the area. she had to be somewhat local. they also found soot mixed in with the remains so they determined it was probably a little girl from an urban area,
12:03 pm
but there's still no way to identify this toddler until someone came forward yesterday with a tip. we should tell everyone that authorities have not said what kind of charges they could be looking at. just that they have been taken into custody in connection with this little girl. >> do we know how old bella was? >> about 3 years old. that's where police had determined her age was based on remains. >> alex, thank you so much. alexander field in the boston area for us. let me bring in nancy grace, who is also a mother. so nancy, here's my question for you. here we are three months later and alex mentioned the forensics of the pollen and soot and the oxygen and drinking water, teeth, hair, all of that looked at. but here's what i'm wondering. in three months, why didn't this
12:04 pm
it mother come forward and say my child is missing? >> exactly, i imagine by the time this winds its way through the system, the mother will be painting herself of some sort of victim. whether she was there at the time this baby died or not still remains the fact you just stated so clearly. what was she doing for the last e three months? i believe baby bella was born around august 6th because if you look back at her mother's facebook postings, she's celebrating baby bella's birthday on august 6th. her body was found washed ashore on june 25th. that's how close she was to her 3rd birthday, two months away. this is what i know. i know that the two were apprehended separately. i believe that the boyfriend is at a hospital right now.
12:05 pm
the mother separately arrested in the night. the fact that they have been apprehended separately tells me this. they are going to rat on each other. if they speak at all, if they are, in fact, involved in this, they will try to rat on the other. now what about other people? neighbors, friends, relatives, according to tips family related to the mother kept asking where's bella and the mother would say department of family services took her. that leads me to another question. family services did take a look at the mom. they closed their case back in 2013. they wept home, put their head on the pillow and had a good night's sleep. bella is dead. my question is not that i'm saying they did this thing, but when are they held accountable
12:06 pm
for their decisions that ultimately end in the death of this child. can you imagine going down the interstate every day and looking up at that picture? she had little leggings from target, she had a little blanket around her like a zebra print from kmart. nobody recognized ta because i would. >> back to your point about the facebook postings. you're telling me this mother was posting on facebook in august that she was celebrating her daughter's birthday but her daughter was gone. >> well, i believe that that was prior to this, the last birthday. but the other thing speaking of her facebook postings, which if this does go to trial will come in, because they are clearly of her and the little girl. she says things like my reason for living. i have a reason to live now. she's my world.
12:07 pm
i'm going to give her the world and more. but either she did this thing or she stood by and watched this thing happen or didn't report her daughter missing for three months. those are the choices we've got. none of them are very good. so those facebook postings are going to come into evidence and they are heartbreaking. >> the 3-year-old girl found washed up three months ago in a trash bag, nancy grace, thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. coming up on cnn, donald trump under fire for what he did not say. the white house responding last hour to the cringe worthy comment made at a trump rally. a supporter calling president obama a muslim and trump did not correct him. michael will weigh in, coming up next. also will bowe bergdahl be charged with desertion. that question being dissected right now. the prosecution says bowe bergdahl spent weeks planning to
12:08 pm
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but you can count on our 1,000 americas and canadas best value inns for room discounts, upgrades, instant rewards, and a home town touch. baldwin. donald trump cancelling a scheduled appearance this evening in south carolina scheduling a significant business transaction and no further details. this it as he continues to take heat over this moment at a campaign event last night in new hampshire. >> he's not even an american.
12:13 pm
>> we need this question. >> we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. that's my question. when can can we get rid of them? >> people are saying bad things are happening. we are going to be looking at that and plenty of other things. >> so the news today is in his nonreaction reaction to the statement that president obama is a muslim. you have folks like chris christie and bernie sanders and hillary clinton all jumping on donald trump for not kreking him. our own suzanne malveaux asking about trump silence on that very issue. >> what do you think about trump's response and secondly how would you have responded if someone said that in a town hall? >> i was appalled. as you may know, quickly put out a tweet expressing the great disappointment with a that kind of rhetoric.
12:14 pm
and calling on him and anybody else who is seeking the highest office of the land to start behaving like a president. to show respect and to stand up for the truth. he knew or should have known that what that man was asking was not only way out of bounds, it was untrue. and he should have from the begin i beginning repudiated that kind of rhetoric, that level of hatefulness in a questioner in an audience that he was appearing before. >> michael smerconish, host on cnn, is joining me to weigh in on that. listen, donald trump's camp sass i we didn't fully hear the question. i talked to someone there at the event and said he couldn't hear the question. >> he's heard it now. >> he's heard it all over media today reacting to his lack of reaction. he's pulled out of this event with other candidates, which
12:15 pm
when you heard that? bad optics. >> it makes it look like he's on the run. he's had a horrible week. the debate did not go well for him. he didn't come off looking good in the debate. carly fiorina clearly won the debate and now this on top is the worst week he's had thus far of the campaign. don't expect that because of that statement immediately you're going to see a drop in thiz numbers because 43% of republicans agree with the gentleman in the audience because he's the original birther. i'm sure that number among trump supporters is much higher than 43%. >> but if he needs to think overall if he wants to be the president, you have to appeal to a lot more people than just that red meat base. does he repudiate in the coming days? >> it's already too late. the time for repudiation was right then and there. let's give him the benefit of
12:16 pm
the doubt he didn't hear the question. he thereafter should have said, that's what that guy said? but it was pretty darn clear. he had just chose to respond to the second part of the question, which suggests he agreed with the first part, that we have a problem in this country and the problem is all these muslims. >> you mentioned carly fiorina. he's since attacked in the 45 hours since that debate. so at that trump event last night in new hampshire, there was a woman in the crowd who worked for carly fiorina. she is extraordinary frustrated at carly fiorina. she was forced retirement and lost half a million dollars. i spoke with her just a couple minutes ago. >> with her there, my husband and i after she had left that jobs were being holding on to our jobs. then our jobs were terminated. we were forced retired. >> how much did you lose? what did you lose from that forced retirement? >> when we were forced retired,
12:17 pm
my savings that i had had had in stock, because i had a lot of stock option when is i was working, was close to $500,000. he had approximately $400,000, which was also lost. >> paul is one of our heads at cnn money. it's not fair to blame carly fiorina, maybe some of the blame rests on her shoulders, but it's a huge company. then she moves on to hp and does have this reputation of stocks plummeted and jobs being lost. what is accurate. >> this is what it means to play on the big stage and to be among the leaders. because new we go from admiring the rise and success story to scrutinizing the facts. you heard in the debate that donald trump dropped the name of jeffrey sononfeld. he's the guy from yale that said you doubled the revenues, but
12:18 pm
the stock value declined 52%. she dismissed him at the cnn debate as a clinton had-ite. but andrew ross, one of the most admired financial writers in the country with the times, but andrew ross is the one who called this out and said it puzzles those of us in the financial press why the political media, and i think that's a guy like me, don't ask questions of her about her hp track record. i think this is going to be a lot of scrutiny on that now. >> as we see with your score card at the end of the debate, let's put up the michael smerconish notebook. you can see carly fiorina, big arrow up. >> i did it because i didn't want to be swayed by what everybody would say after the debate. as it was winding down, i locked in and i standby all of that. i think trump had a bad night. carly fiorina had a big night. we all know that now. >> we'll see you saturday
12:19 pm
mornings at 9:00 a.m. eastern with great guests. thank you very much. if you missed the debate and would like to watch it again, we urge you to do so tonight at 10:00 eastern here on cnn. stunning results of football and brain disease. we'll talk to dr. sanjay gupta, who will break that down for us. also sergeant bowe bergdahl back in court today. new details about why he says he left his platoon and what happened in those days leading up to that. bergdahl's former roommate will join me live, next. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts,
12:20 pm
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iflike i love shrimp, red lobster's endless shrimp... kind of a big deal. it's finally back, with as much shrimp as you want, any way you want 'em. one taste of these new pineapple habanero coconut shrimp bites, and i already want more. they even brought back wood-grilled teriyaki shrimp! yeah, you heard me: teriyaki. and really: what's not to love about... ...buttery garlic shrimp scampi? here, the sweet, spicy, crispy possibilities are as endless
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as the shrimp. and yeah, they're endless, but they won't last forever. want to talk to you about this report about head trauma. it's just been released. researchers from boston university and the department of
12:24 pm
veteran affairs diagnosed chron chronic cte. those patients were deceased. they had donated their brains to science. so it's believed to be linked to repeated head trauma, concussions. it's been a huge topic in the hill tear and professional sporlts communities. there's even a movie in production about cte starring will smith. in this film he portrays the doctor that discovered this disease. dr. sanjay gupta has done a lot of research on this. just getting your knowledge of cte, what's your take on the study? >> 96%, it's going to be staggering to a lot of people and r for good reason. 96% of the brains of former nfl players showing evidence of this disease, which most people had never heard of a few years ago. we visited the lab where this research has been going on. the research has been going on
12:25 pm
since 2008. we saw firsthand how they are actually looking at these brains and trying to determine do they they have the signs of cte, which are similar to alzheimer's disease. . these people developing early onset alzheimer's. i do want to point out an important caveat. that is that what happened in these cases is players were concerned while they were still living they may have developed some symptoms are the ones who had had them donated to the lab. i point that out to say it's a selective group of people. but still it's a significant number and they have seven years worth of data. >> you talked about taking it from professional athletes down to people playing football in college or in a high school. is this something that they need to know about? should they be worried about
12:26 pm
this? >> i think they absolutely need to. there's a couple important reasons. people talked about concussions as getting your bell rung or something like that. it was -- it's trau mat you can brain injuries and changes the dynamic. a lot of concussions go undiagnosed. people don't report them. as a result of these studies, people are more likely to report them. there are other sports to develop concussions or hits. these kids' brains are still developing at that age. it might have more of an impact on them. the chief held at vierz for the nfl, i had a chance to sit down and talk to her about this. take a listen. >> any contact sports is going to have a risk of injury. e we see that in soccer, for example. i think that's critical is
12:27 pm
knowing how to play the game right. knowing how to play the game safely. if you understand the best way to tackle, if you have good equipment in place, and you know how to recognize injury, then you're going to play the game as safe as possible. if you're really driven to play that game, then i would feel comfortable. >> the doctor there who is running the study, they are sports fans. i talked to them both. they love these sports. they love football. but they think it can be done safer. if it's done safer, hopefully some of these astonishing numbers will go down. people won't have as many brain injuries. >> let's hope that's the key. important research. i would be remissed in points o'ing out you're in malibu, california. people are looking at the waves and thinking very surfable. you're not there to surf. you're there for our cnn fit nation triathlon this weekend. so good luck to you and the fit
12:28 pm
nation team. thank you very much. >> you come join us next year. >> i will. want to turn to a military trial that could rewrite history for the obama administration. i'm talking about the accused army deserter bowe bergdahl. so this preliminary hearing is underway to decide whether he will be tried in the military court. we have learned he will not testify. sergeant bergdahl was captured by the taliban after he left his platoon and held there with them for five years. flash forward to 2014. president obama agreed to free these five prisoners, members of the same terror group in exchange for bowe bergdahl and his safety. prosecutors argue that this all happened because bergdahl deserted his unit in afghanistan back on june 30th, 2009. i am honored to have former army
12:29 pm
specialist cody full, who is a member of bergdahl's platoon there in afghanistan when bergdahl up and left. so cody, thank you so much. let me say for your service to our country and your time today. >> thank you for having me. >> let's begin with the lead investigator who you have been in touch with. bergdahl said he left. he needed to do something. he said there was poor leadership within this unit. he felt like he was in danger. so he could get access to higher level officials. you were there. you were serving. tell me about the leadership. did you feel like you were in danger? >> normal, i think it speaks to that claim that no one else ever brought this up. no one else ever deserted. so whatever leadership problems
12:30 pm
he was having were not evident with anybody else in the platoon. another thing is bergdahl had to report to his bosses. so whatever it says in his report, his bosses felt that it was enough evidence to push this to trial and charge with desertion and misbehavior. >> do you wish he were testifying? >> i mean, i don't care either way. if i was there, i know i would get the truth out for my perspective. >> your opinion, what's the truth? >> he deserted. now they are trying to say he was going to report some atrocity that was going on. a couple months ago they were saying he was mentally unfit. so they keep changing their story on what the excuse is for why he did it. . at the end of the day, all it is is an excuse. he deserted. he had misbehavior before the enemy. the army found there was enough
12:31 pm
evidence to charge with both. >> so when he left, it was major who told you he reiterated it at the hearing today that you had to 45 days of searching, you were part of this it. you said this is your brother. when you first heard about him leaving, what did you think? >> we have to get him back regardless of what he did. he's still an american. you have to get him back because we're going to treat him a lot better than the other players in that area are going to treat him. we wanted to get him back as fast as possible so he didn't end up on youtube getting his head cut off. we did everything we could to get him back. it was mentally and physically exhausting. >> the general daul said after interviewing bowe bergdahl e he didn't find any evidence to
12:32 pm
corroborate that he was sympathetic to the taliban. if that is the case, and the testimony that he wanted to escape to make a splash, to be able to get access to a high ranking officer, which all went horribly wrong and ended up in captivity for five years, i know you're saying he absolutely deserted, but knowing he was held in ab captivity and tortured for five years, do you think he should serve time? >> it's not really up for me or the general to decide. >> daul says it would be inappropriate. >> like his opinion and my opinion, there's plenty of people that go on trial and decide if they should go to jail. it's up for the people proceeding over the trial. >> you were potentially in harm's way for 45 days looking for this man. i do think your opinion matters, sir.
12:33 pm
>> i think he should serve time whether that just be a dishonorable discharge or jail time. there's other soldiers that go to afghanistan and iraq and serve honorably. they might get ptsd and one night they decide they are going to have too many drinks and get pulled over for dwi. the military discharges him. they don't give them any benefits. they get kicked to the curb. even though they served this country under honorable conditions and did great things for this country they come home and have to face punishment. he made a mistake. he needs to face punishment. >> thank you so much for your time. again, for serving valiantly this country. i appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up next, a flood of humanity. almost half a million people streaming into europe fleeing
12:34 pm
war and persecution. the latest country to claim its overwhe overwhelmed by refugees. we'll take you live to the border with hungary. also ahead, two football players seen blind siding this referee speaking out about why they did it. the ref's attorney joins us next for his side of the story. people don't have to think about where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters.
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tear gas and water canons, raiser wire and police vehicle, hungarian officials drove away thousands of refugees seeking asylum from war-tore nations. these families are trying to use a different route to get to
12:39 pm
western europe through croatia. more than 13,000 people have entered croatia just the past two dasz. now the government says it can no longer bare the burden of the crisis. ben wedeman is live for us. tremendous reporting there for us here at cnn. will colorado croatia allow the to at least cross through in the next couple days? >> reporter: the situation has become utterly absurd at the moment. what we saw in the afternoon, officials said we couldn't handle this crisis. the sudden influx. so they bussed them all here, thousands of them to the croatiaen border. there's a good 20 buss lined up outside the border post here. we have already seen about ten already crossing over. the hungarians clearly so
12:40 pm
frustrated with this crisis. they have decided to let in these refugees and migrants who have been stranded between serbia and croatia. now they have let them through. and just this evening, a hungarian government spokesman here described the actions of croatia and trying to deal with this crisis as pathetic. they said they will let them in. they will allow, they will bus the refugees to three centers near the border, where they will be registered. our producer asked them and after they are registered, what happens. they have to stay in those centers 24 to 48 hours. then according to european regulations, they are free and if they want to go in the direction of the austrian border, they can do it. therefore, this crisis has been shunted around various european countries and now it's going back in the direction of austria
12:41 pm
and germany. refugees seem to be so exhausted that many of them have given up and they are going to go where they are sent with the hope that somehow they will eventually end up where they want to go. >> to use your word, absurd. ben wedeman, thank you so much for covering this for us. i appreciate it. and staying on this, posting an online message to refugees. hungary is is a bad choice. this mayor is so many who are making it clear undocumented migrants are not welcome there. >> the mayor appears in this slickly produced youtube video. it's macho tone is undenial. he hangs out with border guards while a man on the motorcycle patrols the country side. there's even horses. plenty of shots at the raiser
12:42 pm
wire fence and a warning. cross hungary's border illegal and you'll end up in prison. this week policy was on full display. police fired water canons and tear gas into the territory. it was in response to men armed with bottles and sticks. . this day was a new laws were passed. it's a crime to enter without the right papers. there's a possibility of jail time for anyone caught damaging the newly built border fence. all points in the video, he's been the mayor for almost two years. he welcomes tourists, but there's no welcome for refugees. it warns residents about the potential health dangers of touching anything left behind by a migrant. the end of his video he offers up a final piece of advice. he tells them not to trust human
12:43 pm
traffickers and to travel through slovenia. there's a google map of an alternate route in case anyone is in needs of directions. erin mclaughlin, london. high school football referee just blind sided by these two players. that ref's attorney joins me live next to respond to the acquisitions to the teens just now speaking out today. also a quick peek of the closing bell. 15 minutes before the end of the trading day. down 309 points here. the news from janet yellen, they will not touch those interest rates. but again, a lot of red on the screen as we go to the closing bell. you're watching cnn. i'm caridee.
12:44 pm
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two texas high school football players caught on video blind siding this referee. one and then the other. they are speaking out in a public way after their video surfaced. the pair claims the referee was using racial slurs. the players spoke on national television appearing on "good morning america." they said they went after the ref because they were followng orders from an assistant coach. >> you put your trust into this grown up, a guardian, your coach who has been there for me since my sophomore, freshman year. i trust him. he wants the best for me. i just did what i was told. >> i have with me jeanne
12:49 pm
californ analysts. the players are pinning it on the assistant coach. we'll get the ref's side in a a minute. what is the school saying about all this? >> i spoke with the school district in san antonio through e-mail. they said they had no idea that these two were going and flying to new york to be on abc news. they also say that the two continue to be students at the alternative high school pending the result of their disciplinary hearing. if we really look at the facts, here's one of the headlines. this interview they did today, they admit what they did. they admit it. there's currently an investigation ongoing in texas with the police department to determine if criminal charges should be filed. and the video happened to be rolling, so you see it. that will be exhibit a for prosecutors, they admit they did
12:50 pm
it. they also say they were told to do it by the assistant coach. originally, they said it was because the assistant coach said the calls being made during the game weren't fair so we got to get him. then that escalated racial slurs. >> let me get to that on that point. alan, i wanted to address this directly. but just to the viewers who haven't seen these young men talk about that specifically this morning on tv, let's play that sound. >> so he told one of my hispanic friends, he told him speak english, this is america. >> did you hear that? or did one of your friends tell you that? >> no, i heard him. and to african-american on our team he told them. >> you heard him say the n word? did you? >> yes. i heard him when he called moses reynolds the n word. >> he says that's a lie. >> it's not. that's the honest truth right there. i wouldn't lie about this
12:51 pm
situation. just how bad it's gotten, like, the truth needs to be told. >> all right, alan, just directly to you with regard to your client. you heard those young men saying apparently the ref said this is america, speak english. used the n word, did he? >> apparently, according to the students this, that and the other thing was said. but this is nothing new, brooke -- >> hold on. you have to answer the question. i want to get you on the record. did the ref say the n word? >> i am answering the question. i hope you understand that i was not present at the game, but mr. watts has said repeatedly, and i have said repeatedly that mr. watts denies using any inappropriate remarks for the record. and in fact the emphasis here is such that the allegations of the students are taking on a character as if it were somehow some kind of excuse or justification for the two crimes that they committed in full view
12:52 pm
of by all accounts about 10 million viewers. >> no, you're right. it's absolutely exhibit a the video is rolling. so you have that. >> right. and the referees, including mr. watts, have no inducement for making the types of remarks that they customarily and routinely penalize if they are witness to any student athlete or coach or anyone else connected with the team making remarks like that. mr. watts has officiated almost 500 games for the texas association of sports officials over a 14-year period. he also works college football. he's a responsible person, a leader in the community. he's a vice president of the greater austin chamber of commerce. >> any complaints ever in his history of those 500 games? >> let me just answer the question. >> time is fleeting, sir. that's why i needed to jump in. >> there has been no indication at all that anything has changed
12:53 pm
since these students made their original allegation. mr. watts has a flawless record. and he is not out there to be a punching bag and the implication that because some remark may have been made ten or 15 or 20 minutes earlier, that somehow supplies the justification is patently unfair. >> i understand. quickly, sir, final question. will you all -- will he file charges? >> i'm sorry? >> i can't hear anything. got to go to break. be right back.
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the power of rap music now helping kids in jeopardy. here's today's cnn hero. >> i really grew up in a lot of different places. when you have a lot of things that aren't stable, it kind of gets you in a really bad situation. i really felt alone. and it turned into me doing the wrong things. as a former school social worker, i witnessed how challenging it was to engage african-american male and latino male students in talk therapy. i knew that if i wanted to really engage this group that i would have to do something different. you're going to have three statements, two that are true about yourself and one that's a lie. beats rhymes in life is one of the country's first hip hop therapy programs where young people turn their pain into
12:59 pm
music. >> write my feelings down because i'm too shy to speak but i'm loud on the beat, that's what makes me unique. >> our program creates opportunities for you to reflect and tell their story. >> i can make a difference. and i'm always looking forward to that new day. >> it's important for young people to create something that they can be proud of. and this studio makes that possible. >> so a pen and paper tell a story for the ages. >> a lot of people come for the hip hop but stay for the healing. >> i was skeptical at first, but it doesn't feel like it's a therapy session. >> i give you my life because it's all that i got. >> when i'm rapping, i just let it all go. >> hip hop is everywhere. so are the mental health desp r decemb disparities impacting young people of color. what people need to realize is when young people have a voice they can learn to help and heal themselves. >> and if you would like to nominate a hero, just go to
1:00 pm and, again, just a quick reminder we're all back from simi valley, california. if you would like to watch again for the first time the republican presidential debate it will re-air this evening 10:00 eastern here on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. have a wonderful weekend. "the lead" with john berman starts now. equipped, we need this question. but is donald trump now regretting his nonresponse? i'm john berman and this is "the lead." the politics lead, trump now bowing out of a major campaign event after taking heat for not challenging an audience member who called president obama a muslim. now, is the man who once pushed the birther movement trying to avoid the backlash? the national lead baby doe identified. police put a name with the face of the little girl found inside a trash bag in boston harbor. who would do such a thing? and the world lead, pope francis


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